Sofipa Equity Fund, Sofipa Equity Fund II

Industry: Clothing accessories
Investment year: 2006
Exit year: 2014
Revenues: €68 million

Riri, located in Mendrisio (Switzerland), is the holding company of a group that comprises Cobra, a worldwide leader in the production of high quality metal buttons for fashion and luxury apparel and bags, Riri, a Swiss based company leader in the manufacturing of high quality metal zippers for fashion and luxury apparel and bags, and Meras, producing nylon, plastic, and metal zippers. Main Group’s clients are some of the most important brands of fashion and luxury business.
The Group operates three production plants, two for zippers manufacturing, in Mendrisio and Tirano (Sondrio), and one for metal buttons, in Padua and seven commercial subsidiaries in Italy, France, Germany, USA, China, and Hong Kong.

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